Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Is the Critical Bench Program Worth it?

So I've used the Critical Bench program to increase my bench. It really does work.

I would recommend checking out this video if you want to learn more:

Monday, 3 December 2018

My 4 Favourite Back Exercises

I love training back. I remember when I first got into the gym, my back looked like a blank slate but 6 months later, my back became a lot thicker and much more defined.

Lat pulldown


The lats are extremely important to train because they give you that stunning V-shape. The V-shape is very important if you want to create an epicly aesthetic physique. Also, training lats are important to increase your bench press. That’s right, training lats can help you increase your bench. You see, one of the best techniques when training benching is to flare your lats and by training lats, you’ll be increasing your bench.

If you're looking for a great benching guide, I would recommend checking out this post.

Close grip seated cable row

I found that this exercise really helps create that thickness in your back. It also helps tremendously with increasing your strength. This will inevitably increase your bench since the back heavily utilizes your back muscles.


The traps really add another dimension to your physique. It can take your physique to the next level. I found that shrugs to be the best exercise to grow your traps. The best way to do it is to grab some plates and start shrugging. If you can’t grip the plates, I would recommend using the squat bar, or using a shrug machine if your gym has one.

More shrugs exercises.


I found pullups to be a fantastic way to train your lats and overall strength. Wide pull ups are the most effective. If you can’t do wide pull ups, I would recommend a close grip pull up. If you’re struggling to lift yourself up, use a pullup machine to assist you. Remember, weight training exercise should be incorporated into all of your workouts.

My 2 Favourite Leg Exercises

So I’ve talked about my favourite arm exercise in a post of mine but what about legs. What are the best exercises for legs? 

To be completely honest, I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t train legs all that often. I know, I’m a little noob. I guess it’s because I like to go all out in my workouts and when I apply the same mindset when it comes to training legs, the following day I can’t walk properly anymore because I went in too hard.

Literally, I’m not joking, I can’t walk properly anymore. But never the less, I’ve started to get into training legs a bit more. I would just recommend not going in too hard when training legs.

Calf raises


I think the calfs are the most under trained muscles in the gym. I always see the calf machines empty or the gym just doesn’t have one. Make sure not to miss out on this exercise on leg day. Warning, don’t go all out on this exercise or else you won’t be able to walk properly the next day.

Seated leg curl

Seated leg curls are a fantastic way to train your hamstrings. I would recommend having a very thorough warm up before doing any hamstring exercise. I find it’s extremely easy to pull your hamstrings.

My 3 Favourite Arm Workouts

Training my arms is definitely one of my favourite things to do in the gym. More specifically, training my biceps. I just start curling like a mad man. Training with the heaviest weights I can and then going down to lower weights when my arms can’t lift anymore.

I try to squeeze as much blood as I can into my muscles. This gives you that PUMP! An incredible feeling. In this post, I’m going to be revealing my favourite arm exercises.

Standing overhead dumbbell extensions

This is an incredible tricep exercise to add size and strength to your triceps. I make sure to always do this exercise when I want a fantastic tricep workout. 

I love training my triceps because it helps me bench more. That’s right, training triceps will help you bench more. You see one of the most used muscles in the bench are the triceps. So by having a good triceps training session, you will inevitably increase your bench.

Barbell bicep curl


This one's a classic and something that everybody should be doing and they are. The barbell bicep curl is probably the most used exercise in the gym of all time. 

It’s probably the exercise that’s stereotypically attached to the gym. You will inevitably increase your size and bicep strength by doing this exercise. I like to go as heavy as I can until I can’t lift the weight comfortably and then slowly drop the weight.


I love incorporating a body weight type of exercise into all of my workouts. This ensure that I’m always at a certain level of strength. When doing this exercise, 

I would recommend going all the way down to ensure you’re working the triceps properly. I find this is the best way to do it.